Content License

I've been working with the digital arts for a long time, and have been inspired by the works of many other artists, famous and unknown. I thank those who have made their work available as raw materials to be reshaped into new works by people like me, and I respect those for whom the creation of their work represents too great an investment of time, skill and passion to give to others without compensation.

Personally, I fall into both camps. Happy to contribute the community of artists who use each other's work as raw material or springboards for their own creations, I offer the photographs found on The Puddlewonder Press, in the size and resolution you find them here, for use under Creative Commons license, Attribution–Non-Commercial–Share-Alike. Mixed-media and video pieces are similarly offered under Creative Commons license, by-nc-sa. If you do use some of my work in the creation of yours, please contact me and let me know how I can see what you have done. It is always a revelation to see one's own work through someone else's eyes, and inspiring to participate, however peripherally, in another's creative process.

However, I would also like be able to afford to do more creative work and that requires deriving some income from it, so I reserve all rights and protect under full copyright, the original photographs and enlargements made thereof, as well as the writing that is published here. If there's something you might like to have for yourself, or might like to use in the making of something else, please contact me, and we'll talk about it.

License for the Work of Guests:
Unless otherwise stated, the work of guests published on The Puddlewonder Press should be assumed to be protected by copyright and is used here with the permission of the artist. If you are interested in owning or using their work, please contact them.

The photographs in this post were taken of a wall of graffiti in the Chatachuk Market in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for honoring the creative and commercial aspirations of artists.