Photography Posting: Sardinia

In Barcelona, we started a Travel Club to take students on short trips to expand their cultural experience and learning. One of the places we proposed but did not get to go was Sardinia. So we went by ourselves over a weekend. We stayed in Cagliari, on the south end of the island, and rented a car to drive east and then west along the coast. The driving was fun and the views were mind-blowing. Here are three posts to show you what I mean.

You'll notice towers in several of the coastal shots. Each is within sight of another, all the way around the island. Apparently, they were erected without any mortar; gravity and mathematics have kept them standing for thousands of years. Though it looks like maybe some mortar's been added for the sake of preservation, particularly on their lower halves, it's still pretty impressive engineering.

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Along the Southern Coastal Road
Magic Hour in Cagliari

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