Media Posting: Poladroid Collages

Here are three new digital photo collages. I was sifting through a folder of poladroid images (Poladroid is free software that takes your photographs and processes them as though they had been taken with a Polaroid camera. Much fun. Get it yourself here.) and I started to see interesting possibilities for collage.
Weather Girls is so named because it reminds me of a short story I am currently writing.
I have another version of Winter Palace in which there's a silhouette of a person walking through, but I thought maybe it was too much for the image. Maybe you can tell me what you think.
Budapest Calling started out with a bank of phones I shot in the metro station near our hotel in Budapest. It's one of my favorite cities in the world, and probably my favorite from this collection.
Hope you like them.

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Budapest Calling
Winter Palace
Weather Girls

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